Prove Who You Are

23 Mar

“Don’t talk, act.  Don’t say, show.  Don’t promise, prove.”  ~ Nitya Prakash

There is a lot going wrong right now during this pandemic.  We hear stories of people being cheated and deprived of essentials.  We hear of people hoarding supplies.  We hear of businesses gouging customers for supplies of all types.

We also hear stories of people who are doing the right thing.  People who are reaching out and caring for others.  People who are not afraid to stand up for those in need or distress.

Some people give up at times like this.  They think that “it’s all over” and that God is getting ready to destroy the world.  Me?  I think that times like this are a great opportunity.  They give us a chance to show the world — and to show God — just who we are.

We are provided all sorts of opportunities to prove who we are, to prove that we are believers in the Lord, Jesus Christ.  Presently, we are being provided a wonderful opportunity to show that we care about doing the right thing.  We know that we are supposed to be remaining indoors as much as possible, socially distancing ourselves from others.  There are many people who are ignoring that advice.  We have heard about the vast number of collegians who participated in spring break activities.  We see examples of others who are in all sorts of stores and other areas where people can congregate.

We are being asked to be responsible.  Some are choosing not to do so.  By their choice, they not only ignore what is being asked, they are also teaching others to do the same.  As Christians, should we not be setting a good example rather than a bad example?

FAITH ACTION:  Prove yourself to be a believer of Jesus Christ by what you say and do today.