What Do You Have To Show?

22 Aug

“Don’t tell people your plans. Show them your results.”  ~ Unknown

We all know talkers.  There are people who talk and talk and talk and talk a great game; however, they never have anything to show.  They are full of boasts and bluffs and empty of any action.  I’m sorry; but, they’re just not what the world needs.  The world does not need empty talkers.  The world needs productive doers.

It might seem as if all we do in the Church is talk.  There is a certain amount of talk that must be done in order to get people gathered together.  As long as the talk is directed toward action rather than toward self recognition, we’re on the right track.  Of course, we will definitely be going full speed on the right track when we can quit the talking and be completely about the doing.

When there is a natural disaster, there are often people that talk about what can be done.  They often get ignored because people are looking for those who are actually doing something for those affected by the disaster.  They will send funds to the people working in the field.  They will pack up and volunteer their time to help those working in the field.  They want to make a difference.

If we want to make a difference in our world, we have to quit talking and begin doing.  The same can be said for our spiritual lives.  Prayer is talking.  It is holding a conversation with God.  God speaks to us just as He spoke to the apostles.  Even in the most glorious of our prayer moments, maybe even a “transfiguration moment”, God ends up saying to us, “Okay, get off the mountain and get to work.”

God wants us to speak to Him, yes.  However, God wants us to back our words with action.  If all we do is talk and talk and talk and talk with God, He going to pull His eyebrows together, roll His eyes, and look for someone else who will actually do His work.

Use your prayer, your talk with God, to fuel your works.  Don’t just tell God your plans, show God your results.

FAITH ACTION:  Ask God to bless all of your efforts today with loving results.