Bear Fruit

31 Jul

“Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit.”  ~ Khalil Gibran

Everything has a purpose in life.  Trees provide shade and many provide fruit.  Grass provides color, nourishment to many animals, as well as keeps the water from evaporating from the ground.  Flowers provide color to our lives, pollen to the bees, and honey to those who keep bees.  There is a wondrous ebb and flow to life and, when we see any of it at its apex, we cannot help but marvel at the truly magnificent glory of creation.

That being the case, when we see a deficit in nature, it is glaringly apparent.  When we are outside and we see a tree barren of fruit or leaves, we know that it is good for nothing other than firewood.  When we see a field and has been fallow for too many seasons, we know something is wrong with the ground.  When we experience the life of a person but do not see any love, we know that person is lost.

Jesus had a few parables about such cases.  He indicated that whatever did not produce was destined for the scrap heap or the burning fire.  Jesus meant business and He was not just talking about plants and trees.

We are a part of God’s creation.  We were created in the image and likeness of God.  If we do not produce fruit, that is, if we are not a people of love, that is proof that we have drifted away from God, or, even worse, totally rejected God.  God’s people are people of love.  It is that simple.

I know that it is not so simple or easy to love others.  Sometimes it can be a real chore.  Sometimes, it might even come back and bite us.  However, we must love.  If others reject the love of God that comes through us, that is on them.  If we never extend God’s love, that is on us.

Do not be a piece of God’s creation that does not bear fruit, that does not love.  There are too many people already who fail or refuse to love.  The world needs witnesses to love, testaments of God’s love.  Be that witness.  Be that testament.

FAITH ACTION:  Make sure in all that you say and do today, you bear good fruit, reflecting the love of God for His creation.