30 Jun

“It doesn’t matter where you are, you are nowhere compared to where you can go.”
~ Bob Proctor

Life is all about transition and change.  We are in one place, we have a certain type of job, we live in a certain area of the country, and so on.  All of those things can — and do — change at one point or another in our lives.

This weekend, we consider those changes as we say  goodbye and prepare to say hello.  One of our priests is making the transition from active priesthood to senior status in retirement.  Another priest, who has just recently been ordained, is making the transition from student to active priest.

The changes will provide new insights for each of them. The changes may provide some obstacles. The changes will also provide some unlooked for joys and celebrations. It is true that change is, indeed, a constant in our lives.

We can look to all the changes that come into our lives as unwelcome visitors.  We can view them as threats. Or we can embrace them for the possibilities that they possess.  I am certain that Fr. Andrew will find many unlooked for pleasures in being able to be free from administrative duties.  I am sure that Fr. Declan will find many happy surprises along the way as he “learns the ropes” of being a priest in the diocese.

Change, as I said, is rather inevitable.  If we shun change, we might never realize something new and incredibly different. Take a look at the holiday we are preparing to celebrate this week.  Had not a seemingly ragtag band of people decided to stand up for independence, we would be living in an entirely different country.  It was because they were willing to embrace change that we were able to transition into the country we have today.

Our country, as well as our daily lives, may not be perfect.  The transition is still ongoing.  That is why it is incumbent upon us to tweak our lives on a regular basis so that we may continue to change for the better.   It is when we quit looking ahead toward all the possibilities that we become stale and lifeless.

Fr. Andrew’s and Fr. Declan’s lives are changing as they prepare for the next phases of their lives.  Where are you in your spiritual journey?  What kinds of changes do you need to initiate to be more like the person God is calling you to become? Don’t be afraid to move on in your life.  Happy Birthday, America!

FAITH ACTION:  If you feel God is calling you to something new, embrace it knowing that He will walk with you on the way.