Be A Friend

11 Aug

“Don’t walk in front of me.  I may not follow.
Don’t walk behind me.  I may not lead.
Walk beside me.  Just be my friend.”
~ Albert Camus

We live, pretty much, in a “take charge” kind of world.  Someone has to be the leader, someone the follower.  Some has to make the decisions, someone has to abide by them.  Someone has to be the point-person, someone has to do the clean-up work.  There always seems to be a ranking that takes place whenever people assemble.

It is sad that we often allow that to affect our relationships with other.  Instead of being friends and just going out to socialize, we often go through lots of hoops.  Someone decides what is going to be done.  Some has to abide by the decision.  Someone decides where and what is going to be eaten.  Someone has to go along with it.  It seems to me, in those situations, that there must be times when one person in the relationship feels that he or she is the “winner” and someone else feels as if he or she were the loser.

We often apply that same kind of ranking to our relationship with God.  We think that God tells us what to do.  We have to listen.  God will give us what we have.  We must be satisfied with that.  God is in charge.  We have no say.

That is not the way it should be nor the way it is.  God is not a puppet master.  God is not a totalitarian.  God is not a supreme dictator.  God wants to be our friend.  He wants to walk side by side and hand in hand with us.  He wants to hear our thoughts, our dreams, and our desires.  He wants to know that we are happy or sad or angry or irritable.  He wants us to be honest with Him and He wants us to trust Him entirely.

God asks things of us; but, He never asks for more than we are able — with the help of His grace — to do.  When we realize that God is a friend rather than the one who ranks over us, we will be in a much better position to place our entire being in His very capable hands.

FAITH ACTION:  Whether it be through a phone call to another, a visit, or going out to eat with someone, celebrate friendship today.