What’s Our Three?

17 Feb

“Fish, to taste right, must swim three times:  in water, in butter, and in wine.”  ~ Polish proverb

Last night, the Msgr. Weis Council #10596 of the Knights of Columbus sponsored their annual Lenten Fish Fry.  During Lent, we have a few different groups host fish fries.  They are always anticipated greatly and enjoyed by all who attend.  When I saw the quote above, I thought about fish and the whole thing of preparing fish.  As the fish “swim” three times, in water, butter, and wine, they become very tasty.

I began to think about the three things that might be said of us.  In order for us to be right, we must “swim” three times: in water, on land, and in grace.  When we are born, we are brought into a sinful world and take on the stain of original sin.  We need the water of Baptism to wash that stain away and give us the opportunity to go, one day, to heaven.

Then, we have to negotiate our way here on earth.  The time that we spend on land matters greatly.  We are in a sort of “proving ground” here and we have to show the Lord that we not only desire to live with Him one day but we have to prepare for His call.

In order to do that, we have to swim in grace.  There is no way that we are going to get to heaven if we do not take in as much grace as our souls can manage.  Grace helps us to ward off temptation.  Grace helps us to quash evil.  Grace helps us to live as Jesus lived.  Grace gives us everything that we need to be ready for God’s call.

Water, time on earth, and grace.  These are the three elements that a soul “swims” through in life.  It doesn’t matter if we do the crawl stroke, breast stroke, back stroke, or dog paddle.  As Dory would say, the only thing that is important is that we “just keep swimming.”  I am sure Jesus would agree with that recommendation.

FAITH ACTION:  Lent is young but your resolve might already be wavering.  Renew your promises to do good and avoid evil.  If you need a spiritual booster, go to confession to seek the Lord’s forgiveness so that you can begin anew.

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  1. Great story that should be made into a full homily. I lot of folks could get spiritually feed from this story.

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